We generate omnichannel experiences to share value with brands, people and communities. 


People orientation, community support and care for the environment are values deeply rooted in the history of our Group. In 2022, we formalised our commitment by taking the legal form of a Benefit Corporation.
This journey is formalised in the Impact Report: a snapshot of what has been done and what we are committed to achieve in the current year for a sustainable path.



For the planet

The challenges of environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is an integral part of our strategic orientation, a commitment we share with partners and customers.


We develop strategies to reduce our environmental footprint, towards a carbon neutral economy, in line with the European climate neutrality goals.


Green energy, optimisation of products and processes and sustainable mobility are the areas where we focus our efforts. 

For the community

A commitment to the future

The Lene Thun Foundation is the first non-profit organisation in Italy to offer a permanent recreational therapy service.


Through ceramic modelling workshops it offers children with oncological diseases a free and permanent recreational therapy service in 31 hospital facilities, from 2021 also abroad, with 52 workshops and over 600 volunteers. 


Ceramic therapy is supported by many donors who, with small but constant contributions, enable it to help more than 9,000 children and families every year.



For people

Human capital at the core

The growth of people is the growth of the Group. 

Lenet experiments continuous innovation on the themes of inclusion and wellbeing of the individual, through the diffusion of an internal culture focused on growth and respect, where everyone can find the best conditions to express their full potential.


We invest in knowledge renewal and digital evolution, develop training plans and promote growth through a smart organisation based on inclusion, trust, involvement and cross-disciplinarity.