Eclectic with style


Design objects that focus on details to give personality to the home. A unique journey of curiosity, imagination, and beauty that brings the experience and pleasure of expressing oneself, dedicated to those who recognize themselves in a contemporary, sophisticated and theatrical style with a great personality. A true style ritual that makes the home unique.

The forms, starting from heads, faces and busts, are the most representative stylistic feature of the brand and are explored in every style: they remind of majolica and caricatures, they are inspired by classical or contemporary art, sometimes integrating a touch of irony. Combined with flowers, they interpret the idea of a sophisticated, scenographic and inspirational decoration - that can be a gift or a home decoration - expression of an imaginative personality.

Curious details, unexpected contrasts, expressions of contradictions, diversity and nuances, unique objects that create glamorous environments that can amaze, entertain and "disrupt" in a singular way who observes.