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Welfare Index PMI Award for Connecthub

Connecthub, belonging to LENET Group, confirms itself as one of the companies that has most distinguished itself in corporate welfare for the breadth and quality of initiatives aimed at empl


The Welfare Index PMI 2024 Report, the initiative on the state of welfare in Italian SMEs promoted by Generali Italia, was presented on 13 June in Rome. The eighth edition saw the participation of 7,000 companies and underlined the maturity reached by corporate welfare, the main evidence that emerges from this year's Report: 75% of Italian small and medium-sized businesses, 3 out of 4 companies, have in fact exceeded the average level of corporate welfare. The number of SMEs with very high and high level triples, going from 10.3% in 2016 to 33.3% in 2024, with an increase of 8% in the last two years. Finally, the number of companies at the initial level, whose welfare essentially consists in the adoption of the measures provided for by collective agreements, has halved: from 48.9% to 25.5%. The observatory shows how it is possible to leverage SMEs to renew our country's welfare system. The most mature area, with an initiative rate of 56.4%, is work-life balance. This is followed closely by health and assistance, social security and protection, protection of rights, diversity and social inclusion, all with a rate above 50%. The business initiative to support families for the culture and education of their children, with 10% of active businesses, is taking its first steps.

A great success that is renewed for Connecthub which also for the 2024 edition of Welfare Index PMI, obtains the rating of Welfare Champion and was awarded during the final event of the initiative, on June 13th in Rome at the fabulous Salone delle Fontane .