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THUNIVERSITY 2022: Success comes from emotions

Our Headquarters in Bolzano welcomed back the entire THUN world for a week of training and sharing.


Between 18 and 23 September, Bolzano went green: more than 600 people including partners, entrepreneurs and employees from the THUN world gathered under one roof to once again experience great emotions and discuss our journey and our future.

Two 3-day training and sharing sessions under the sign of the values of our Brand and our history: emotion, magic, passion, excellence, craftsmanship, care.

There was so much joy in finally seeing each other again, and so much desire to celebrate our achievements during the evenings spent together. But also a lot of training, with performance analysis, study of the context and the new retail scenario: in collaboration with Cavalieri Retail, Thuniversity delivered more than 12,000 hours of customised training.

Thuniversity transformed Bolzano into the theatre of a great journey, always with a view to the future: because the only road to success is the one we travel together.