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The new Legal Form


Lenet Group is a Benefit Corporation.

With the beginning of 2022, the company officially took on the legal form of a Benefit Corporation, a step that represents a profound innovation in the Italian legal framework. In fact, Benefit Societies are companies that use business as a positive force because, according to their articles of association, they pursue not only economic objectives but also aims of common benefit, which affect all stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers, the environment, the community.

This step formalises the path towards a business model that integrates social and environmental impact into the strategic design - an essential condition for the future, in order to set up all the good practices necessary for development and trace a path of lasting sustainability.

"The establishment of the Lenet Group and the transformation into a Benefit Company are the natural evolution of an approach that has always characterised our company and our family: people orientation, community support and attention to the environment are values deeply rooted in our history, first as Thun, then as Lenet" said Simon Thun, VP Lenet Group. "In today's complex context, companies, as social institutions in their own right, must necessarily take on the important challenges of the new millennium and define new business paradigms, looking to the future with positivity, passion and optimism."