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Friday, March 11 the lights will be turned off at Lenet 
for the Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles.

Turning off the lights to turn on awareness: Lenet Group takes up the challenge launched by Caterpillar Rai Radio 2 and joins the 18th Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles Day.

On Friday 11 March, all the windows of the 120 direct THUN Stores will be turned off for one hour at the opening, as well as in the evening the external lights of the Bolzano headquarters and the iconic 600-metre illuminated wall of the Mantova headquarters, next to the A22 motorway, will be turned off.

The initiative is part of the LENET Group's commitment to the planet, which aims to promote the adoption of increasingly progressive environmental standards for a responsible and sustainable use of resources.


M'ILLUMINO DI MENO - Since February 2005 Caterpillar Rai Radio 2 organizes the Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles "M'illumino di Meno", with an invitation to symbolically turn off the lights in the afternoon of February 16, anniversary of the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol.
In preparation for the Day, the program promotes and publicizes the more rational use of energy resources, suggests ways and approaches to waste reduction policies, shares innovations and projects implemented by the various members.
A repertoire of good environmental practices has developed around the Day, which have changed over the years with technological and administrative changes, and have been shared and participated in by the entire community of listeners, who in turn have integrated and enriched them.
Institutions, private citizens, schools and universities, companies, museums, sports clubs, third sector associations have all actively participated in the Day.