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The historic corporate engagement and volunteer programme, which has always been active within all Lenet Group companies, continues.

In this 2022 marked by the war in Ukraine, we wanted to dedicate the month of July to a series of ceramic-therapy workshops for Ukrainian refugees sheltered in Italy.

More than 70 employees of the Lenet Group have applied as volunteers to provide help and support to our Lene Thun Foundation, which is coordinating the initiative - a project that adds to the association's now traditional activity in the paediatric and oncology units of 32 hospitals in Italy and Europe, with its 51 permanent ceramic-therapy workshops dedicated to children undergoing treatment.

The activity, carried out during working hours, is 100% supported by the Group, through a now consolidated approach where all employees offer their time according to their professionalism on projects entirely paid for by the company (regularly paid work days, food, transport and accommodation paid for).

This important new project is made possible thanks to the splendid collaboration between the Lene Thun Foundation team and some of the most important non-profit organisations operating in Italy, to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks: Save the Children, Ai.Bi. (Amici dei Bambini), Refugees Welcome Italia, Fondazione Progetto Arca onlus, Farsi Prossimo Onlus with the City of Milan and Spazio Aperto Servizi and International Rescue Committee. The synergy between the charities will make it possible to help over 350 Ukrainian refugees, including many children between Rome and Milan.

Thanks to ceramic therapy - the benefits of which in various therapeutic paths are now established by medicine - it is in fact possible to provide concrete help to people who have experienced traumatic events of enormous emotional impact.

The workshops designed by the Lene Thun Foundation for families hosted by Ukraine have an important thematic thread, the feeling of home, understood as a physical place and a place of the soul, but also as a perception of safety and welcome. The participants will model two objects with clay: a small house, which will become a pendant to be worn around the neck or given as a symbol of good luck, and a larger house that will become part of a collective work. In fact, together with all the other creations, it will become a small village on the hill, symbolising the importance of community and building together, and will be the 'place' where everyone can symbolically find their home.