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Lene Thun Foundation's "Wishing Trees"

Lene Thun Foundation's call for sharing and solidarity to give "Home" to all dreams


In Bolzano and Merano, two very special Christmas Trees light up the heart of the traditional Christmas Markets, decorated for the occasion, thanks to the Lene Thun Foundation, by ornaments depicting the hopes and dreams of children and young people undergoing treatment at the province's pediatrics, pediatric oncology and child neuropsychiatry wards.

The two "Wishing Trees" represent all the smiles and all the courage of the many children and young people who daily face the greatest challenge: the challenge for life.

The little artists who make the trees even more full of meaning and love this Christmas are those in care at St. Mauritius Hospital in Bolzano and Franz Tappeiner Hospital in Merano, who have entrusted the works with their message of hope.

The Lene Thun Foundation, which offers free of charge-with the help of a team of volunteers-permanent recreational therapy workshops through clay modeling in the main pediatric oncology wards of Italian hospitals, was again honored this year to collaborate in decorating the two fir trees in Bolzano and Merano.

Shining on the two majestic trees, in addition to the large luminous heart-shaped spike, the symbol of the Foundation-which is meant to be a sincere wish for unity and sharing-will be the children's wishes. 

"Giving a smile 'with hands and heart' is the little magic that with Lene Thun Foundation we try to give to less fortunate children. The same magic that my mother Lene was able to convey every time she modeled clay, giving-through her creations-joy to others." says Peter Thun, Founder of the Lene Thun Foundation and President THUN-Lenet Group.

"We asked our little heroes this year to collect and shape their own 'Wish House' with clay," Paola Adamo, Director of the Lene Thun Foundation, tells us, "and to share it with all of you as a message of hope and true love of life. There are those who have made the house of their dreams, and there are those who have enclosed their dreams in that house so that they may be treasured for the future."