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On February 15, on the occasion of International Childhood Cancer Day, the World Day against Childhood Cancer, the entire Lenet Group joins forces with the Lene Thun Foundation to express support for the youngest children and give them maximum support in their course of treatment.

The Foundation, named after Countess Lene Thun, is in fact devoted to offering free and permanent ceramic-therapy workshops in pediatric oncohematologies in Italian and European hospitals.

Through a well-established approach, all Lenet Group employees make themselves available on a daily basis to give concrete help to the Foundation and its activities.

Today's event, in particular, sees 35 Lenet employees committed as volunteers in THUN network stores to help raise funds to support the laboratories - in the full spirit of " a little from many," every small contribution really makes a difference, going to support the 53 permanent laboratories active to date in more than 30 hospitals.

The initiative is part of the historic program of corporate engagement and volunteering that Lenet Group activates for the Lene Thun Foundation, from helping the permanent laboratories and special projects on the Italian territory to fundraising campaigns and smart volunteering in the Covid period - all activities fully supported by the Group, carried out during working hours.

In addition, this week will see a number of Lene Thun Foundation delegations visiting several pediatric wards on the Italian territory - Bolzano, Pescara, Padua and Trento - bringing small gifts as a sign of closeness and presence, on behalf of all the little and young warriors who fight every day for their lives.